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Slash Burning

May contain: nature, outdoors, mountain, and water

What is slash burning?

Slash burning is large-scale burning that includes forest debris or woody vegetation that is related to the management of forestland used for growing and harvesting timber. These slash piles may be permitted to burn continuously for several days or even overnight. There may also be more than one pile going at a time.

Slash is only considered as wood debris from timber harvested on land that will then be sold and the area re-planted.  Otherwise, it falls under Demolition Waste and is regulated by a Backyard Burning permit.

Slash Burning is managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and must be permitted by them.  Their phone number is 541.929.3266. ODF will notify the fire department of permitted slash burning.

Oregon Deparmtent of Forestry (ODF) Permit Information

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