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Home Fire Safety

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Spring/Summer:  Wildland Fires and Defensible Space

Many homes and structures in our District lie within the Wildland Urban Interface.  Proper maintenance of a defensible space will help mitigate damage caused by fire in the surrounding forests and grasses.  Remember, it's not just the actual fire that is the issue, but also the possibility of 'fire brands' (burning materials that can be carried aloft by the wind for up to a mile or more).  For more information on providing defensible space, you can click on the link below to obtain information on Wildfire Protection and planning in Benton County.  You can also schedule a home fire safety evaluation by contacting Lt. Rich Saalsaa at 541.360.0029.

Benton County Wildfire Protection Plan

Fall/Winter:  Chimney Fire Prevention

The Philomath Fire Department has conventional flue brushes and pellet stove flue brushes available for you to borrow.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the safety of your wood stove, or if you would like to borrow a chimney brush, please call 541.929.3002 or stop by the station at 1035 Main Street.

As the weather begins to change, please take the time to clean your chimney and flue pipes.  If you have a wood heat source, you should check and clean your flue at least three times during the cooler months.  Try to burn seasoned/dry wood.  Dry wood burns cleaner and warmer!

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