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Agricultural Burning

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What is agricultural burning?

Agricultural Burning is separate from Backyard Burning and it has its own burning rules and times.  Agricultural burning is limited to agricultural waste, such as material generated by an agricultural operation that uses land primarily for the purpose of obtaining a profit in money by raising, harvesting, and selling crops or raising and selling animals.  Agricultural burning can include the burning of residue after harvest of a grass seed or cereal grain crop or clearing of agricultural land.  This type of burning is only regulated by the air quality reports generated by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).  Please note that agricultural burning does not include blackberry bush cuttings, etc. – that is considered yard or ranch debris and is subject to the burn season, unless you are growing blackberries for commercial harvest.

You must apply for a permit with the fire department before going to DEQ to get a permit for an agricultural burn for any burning within 3 miles of Philomath or 6 miles of Corvallis.

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Submit a Burn Permit Request

Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Permit page