Bond Updates


Construction continues! Walls are up in the annex, in the west end of the building, which will soon be our new living space for the Resident Volunteers and 24-hour Firefighter personnel. Windows have been installed and our new air compressor is in place. By early Summer 2017, we are scheduled to begin renovation of the east end of the building for administration.


We recently took possession of our new fire engine. This new engine has a bigger cab, larger water pump, and is lower to the ground. We have also expanded our fleet to include two additional home-responder vehicles. Next on the agenda is the purchase of a new Quick Response Truck to replace our first-out medic unit, 221. This small Utility Pickup will provide more accessibility, save fuel costs, and will respond to a wider variety of calls. The delivery date on this truck is yet to be determined.


For equipment, we have purchased two new heart monitors. These monitors have doubled our lifesaving capabilities ensuring that the arriving EMS staff will have the tools they need to affect more patient outcomes. This has helped us provide better care for the ever-increasing call volume.

With the support from the Philomath community, we are helping bring the Fire District into the 21st century.

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