Bond Updates


The expansion of the residence has been completed. The 21'x30' space will become a living area, kitchen and dining space for the resident personnel. The dorms are complete and furniture, consisting of a captain's bed, wardrobe, and new mattresses, have arrived.

Work on the administrative area has ramped up, as well. Sheetrock has gone up in offices and the new treatment room. The construction of the firefighter display space continues as well. This space will house our Old #1 Engine and Hose cart as well as artwork and awards recognizing emergency responders throughout our history.


We have ordered and are waiting on construction of the Quint. This apparatus will be able to respond to a wider variety of emergency calls and will move into our first-out vehicle position. We will also look into purchasing a Quick Response Truck, to replace our former first-out medic unit, 221. This small Utility Pickup will provide more accessibility, save fuel costs, and will be more maneuverable throughout our rural areas.


We have purchased new Holmatro hydraulic equipment. These tools are used for extrication during motor vehicle crashes. Our personnel had the chance to go through an 8 hour extrication class in May, an opportunity to work with the equipment and demonstrate its capacity and improved features. Additional medical bags and equipment have been purchased to outfit the additional staff rigs.